Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews

November 10, 2014

Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews:

Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews

Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews

Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews

Fat Loss Monitor provides you the easiest way to measure up your fat. It helps you checking your body fat percentage daily and keeping tab of it. It follows the standard way and is commonly preferred for its relatively accurate estimate irrespective of your height. Though there is quite a variety of fat loss monitors available to customers, varying in technology, size and ease of access. The most common methods for fat measuring are hydrostatic testing, and measurement by feet. However, not all of these devices are reliable and accurate; most of them require expert assistance for working and are large and pricy. Misreading can be very distressing at times. But there is no such thing as Omron Fat Loss Monitor is. It is a reliable and affordable as well with a user friendly form factor and interface. Relying on Omron device, you are on the right path to cut your extra fat within days.


Omron Fat Loss Monitor Reviews



Omron Fat Loss Monitor is a stylish and a portable monitor that is based on state of the art technology, hence its perfection is beyond question. This hand held gadget sends in micro-electrical current. The process is called Bioelectrical impedance method (bi method). It is gentle and harmless. The intensity is very small so it cannot be noticed. It shows the values of both body fat percentage, and body mass Index (BMI) on the display both of which are important to keep an eye on your progress in losing weight. It works on recharged battery, hence it is quite easy to move it to gym or office or take it around your house without bothering for connectivity to electricity sockets.


Calculation Method

Most of the body fat measurement methods have various flaws. Thus instead of giving you any advantage, they cause frustration and embarrassment only. You hardly get the real picture of fat in your body. Tape measuring can be difficult, time consuming and can only give you a vague idea and prominent errors in readings. Hydrostatic measurement is generally recognized as the default method of measurements, but the newest generation Omron Fat Loss Monitor wins the show with their enhanced accuracy, portability and ease of use.


Omron Fat Loss Calculated Method


Analyzing Process

Omron Monitor follows a simple process for calculating body fat. You hold the hand grips on both sides, and start the process. It displays the values almost instantly (within seconds). You can also change the unit of the readings from US system to metric system. You can add to the device multiple profiles up to nine, which is really helpful for families or your group of friends at the gym.


Operating Modes

This Monitor has two modes i.e. normal and athletic. Both of them involve no complex operating system and you can easily handle them. Normal mode is for people involved in light exercise or a dieting schedule, to reduce weight. The other mode is athletic mode. It is designed for individuals with high muscle mass, specifically those involved in intense exercise or body building. For accurate measurement, all you need to do is hold the two grips on each side firmly and press the start button. The values are displayed on the two display bars. The upper one is for fat percentage and the lower displays the body mass index.


Calculating Formula

The device works by a specific formula that calculates the fat percentage by taking into account gender, age, weight, height. The electric resistance encountered by the micro currents that are emitted from one hand grip, pass through the limb, your torso and the next limb to the other hand grip, where the fluctuation in the value is recorded. For such hand held devices, the typical error margin rests between 2 to 4 percent. It takes you a few minutes to input the relevant data regarding your gender, age, and height and body weight to setup your profile. After this you are ready to go.



The device requires a pair of batteries for power. The ‘AAA’ sized batteries are replaceable and non-rechargeable. Two are packed in the box, along with a detailed and simple instruction manual, which guides you through the entire process. Expert review places this specific device among their top three picks as best body fat analyzer.



With all its perks, this device comes in two colors: black and white. This device has a plastic form factor with metallic grips for electric conduction; it is not brittle and is moderately shock resistant. The two large displays are LCD.

Fat Loss Monitor




Like all gadgets, Omron Fat Loss Monitor has its own limitations. Firstly, you cannot achieve accurate measurements without standing up straight with your arms slightly outstretched. Any movement or shifting of weight will cause pronounced fluctuations on the output readings. Secondly, you must be moderately hydrated and you must empty your bladder before you take the test. The device has moderate applications; it will not give accurate results in certain cases. It is recommended that people with pacemaker should not purchase this device; the currents may interfere with their pacemaker functioning.

 The results show pronounced deviations from original values for children undergoing growth, elderly people, and pregnant women, women having recently undergone menopause, and professional athletes and bodybuilders. Also, it gives faulty readings if you check right after you wake up, as a full night’s sleep tends to make you dehydrated. Similarly the values can also not be trusted right after a meal or snack since gut activity interferes with the body’s fat impedance readings. Checking the values during or after exercise and workout is another privilege you cannot avail due to high muscle activity and accumulation of lactic acid. It is recommended to use this device after 3 hours of your previous meal. User error is one prominent cause of major misreading. Either you are not standing up straight, or your arms are not raised upwards and straight.


With these superb features, Omron Fat Loss Monitor will definitely impress you. Unlike tape measuring, you can perform it by yourself without someone else’s assistance, which makes this device much more useful. The device is highly recommended for its relative ease of use and dependable results. The time required is relatively less. You can keep a tab of your progress; keep track of your workout schedule. At $34.48 ( this device is affordable. You can order it now to your home, or get it at your nearby stores.



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